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Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Welcome to ATP Heating Services Ltd, your go-to company for reliable and efficient Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance. If your home or business relies on an oil boiler for heating, regular upkeep is essential to function, comfort, and safety. Contact us today for your FREE quick quote.

Our Oil Boiler Maintenance & Servicing Solutions

Our oil boiler servicing and maintenance solutions are designed for your peace of mind! We will look after your oil boiler to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently throughout its life.

We specialise in the servicing and annual maintenance of all makes of oil-fired boilers. We are OFTEC (Oil Fired Technical Association) registered, and all our engineers are trained to OFTEC’s very high standards. Our engineers have fully stocked vans, with most parts available, enabling us to repair your boiler within 24 hours of receiving your call.

We will contact you by letter or email when your annual service is due. All our customers are very important to us, and we take boiler problems seriously. As such, we will endeavour to give you our very best attention from the moment you contact us until your problem is solved. Contact us to book our services today!

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How to Spot Problems with Your Oil Boiler

The key to preventing boiler issues is spotting them in the first place. Recognising the signs of boiler trouble can stop minor issues from becoming major, costly breakdowns. Here’s what to look for

  • Strange noises such as banging or whistling.
  • Uneven heating or cold spots in your property.
  • Leaks or drips around your oil boiler.
  • Increased energy bills without a change in usage.
  • Persistent, unpleasant odours, particularly of oil or burning.
  • Inconsistent hot water supply.
  • The boiler frequently needs to be reset or restarted.
  • Age of the boiler – older units may require more frequent maintenance/repairs.

If your oil boiler is showing any of the above signs, you may need the help of professionals such as ATP Heating Services Ltd. Contact us for your FREE quote for Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance.


The Importance of Oil Boiler Maintenance and Servicing

  • Safety First
    If you fail to properly service and maintain your oil boiler, you could face several serious, and potentially life-threatening risks. When oil boiler issues escalate, they could release toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide. During your service, our OFTEC engineers will check your boiler thoroughly for any potential leaks to guarantee your safety.
  • Save Money
    When boilers face unexpected issues or struggle to function, they tend to use more energy – therefore increasing your utility costs. Our engineers can identify and repair any problems to help your oil boiler be fully optimised. This enhances the efficiency of your boiler and ensures that you’re not paying out unnecessarily for extra usage.
  • Life-Span
    Well-maintained and regularly serviced oil boilers tend to have longer lifespans than those that are overlooked. Our engineers can identify and address any issues to keep your boiler active and functioning for longer. This means that you are protecting your investment and eradicating the need for costly repairs and replacements.
  • Moving House
    When selling a property, the buyer’s solicitor may ask you to provide a CD/11 certificate to show that the boiler and tank have been thoroughly inspected. This can be arranged for a chargeable fee.

Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance FAQs

How often should I service my oil boiler?

Oil boilers should be serviced annually to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity. Regular servicing helps identify and address any potential issues before they escalate into costly problems.

What does a boiler service involve?

A typical boiler service involves an in-depth inspection and cleaning of various components, including the burner, heat exchanger and controls. Our engineers will also check for leaks, test safety devices, and ensure the boiler is operating efficiently. We also check over your oil tank to make sure there are no signs of deterioration.

Can I service my boiler, or do I need a professional?

We strongly advise against servicing your oil boiler yourself as the process requires specialised knowledge and skills. What’s more, servicing your boiler without recognised training can be dangerous and may void your boiler’s warranty.

What should I do if my boiler breaks down unexpectedly?

If your boiler breaks down unexpectedly, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We offer an emergency call-out service to get your boiler up and running in no time.

How long does a boiler service take?

The duration of a boiler service can vary depending on factors such as the type of boiler, its condition, and any specific issues identified during the inspection. On average, a standard boiler service takes between 45 to 90 minutes.

How much does a boiler service cost?

The cost of servicing and maintaining your oil boiler will vary. Contact us for your FREE fast quote!

Where does ATP Heating Services Ltd cover?

We are happy to service and maintain oil boilers within a 25-mile radius of our office in Chelmsford, Essex. This covers most of Essex and part of Hertfordshire, including Saffron Walden, Halstead, Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow, Chelmsford, Witham, Braintree, Colchester, Maldon, Waltham Abbey, Basildon, Rochford, Southend on Sea, Canvey Island, Grays,.

Why choose us?

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We are OFTEC-registered and supply oil boilers and parts from leading manufacturers.

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We offer FREE fast quotations for oil boiler servicing and maintenance.

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We offer an emergency call-out service to get your boiler up and running ASAP.

Guarantee the safety and function of your boiler with our Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance Solutions. Contact us today for your FREE fast quote!

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